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Dental Benefits: A Guide to Managed Plans, Third Edition
by Cathye L. Smithwick
Publisher:International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (2012)
Number of pages:587 pages
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An updated edition of this popular primer and reference book concerning dental benefits. Plan sponsors, dental benefit staff, benefit consultants, insurance brokers and others will all find valuable information and insight concerning:

  • How dental benefits are different from medical benefits
  • Benefit plan design and pricing
  • Available dental products (e.g., HMOs, PPOs, indemnity plans, voluntary plans)
  • Choosing a dental plan and plan administrator
  • The role of the dental consultant
  • Measuring plan performance
  • Tackling fraud and abuse
  • The connection between oral and systemic health
  • Coordinating dental and medical care
  • Using technology to empower consumers.

The book is especially useful for those who understand medical benefits but are new to dental, or for those who understand dental practice but would like to learn more about the benefits side of the business.

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